Looking after your Static Caravan in Cold Weather

The cold weather is starting to roll in and we are nearing the end of the season. You might be thinking about leaving your holiday home for winter or visiting less often and as the weather gets colder it’s important to take care of your static caravan.

A sudden cold snap can catch you off guard and even a small leak from a pipe could cause some expensive damage.

While the park is still open and you’re leaving the caravan empty for a few days, doing these small steps for a ‘mini drain down’ can protect your holiday home. Before leaving be sure to do these simple things:

  • Turn your water off at the main tap (you can find the stop tap underneath your caravan).
  • Leave sinks and plug holes clear.
  • Leave all taps open, including the shower.
  • Ensure the water is emptied from the toilet cistern.

These steps will protect the pipes from bursts if the weather were to turn frosty in between your visits.

If your caravan has a hot water central heating system, it is good to know that these are self-contained pressurized systems that should be maintained regularly. We do not touch the central heating system during a drain down. You should not remove the drain plugs from this system before leaving.

When you’re planning to finish your holidays for the season and leave the caravan over the winter, don’t forget to book your winter drain down! Visit us in reception (Crows Nest only) before heading home to book the caravan in. Ensuring your caravan is drained down over the close season is essential to avoid potentially costly damage when you return in March.

Don't forget to have a quick read of the cold weather recommendations from our holiday home insurance providers, which you can find in the downloads below.

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