Lebberston Seasonal Pitch - Terms & Conditions

This page outlines our terms and conditions for a touring caravan seasonal pitch at Lebberston Caravan Park.


 ‘Close Season’ period between 3.00pm October 31st 2023 and 10:30am March 1st 2024

‘Park’ Lebberston Caravan Park, Filey Road, Lebberston, Scarborough YO11 3PE

‘Season’ period between 10.30am March 1st 2023 and 3.00pm October 31st 2023

‘Seasonal Pitch’ a caravan which is left on a designated pitch for the duration of the Season

‘Seasonal Pitch Fees’ fees required to reserve a pitch for the season for your use

‘Super Pitch’ gravel pitch with electric hook up, water, grey waste drainage and T.V aerial point

‘We/our’ Lebberston Caravan Park Ltd (Company registration no. 14313748) of Filey Road, Lebberston,  Scarborough YO11 3PE

‘You/your’ - As per seasonal agreement

1. The Seasonal Pitch Fees for the Season is

(i) XL Super Pitch - £2650.00 

(ii) Standard Super Pitch - £2400.00


(i) A non-refundable deposit of £250.00 is required with any booking of a Seasonal Pitch

(ii) Balances must be paid on or before February 28th 2023 by cash, cheque, BACS (Sort code: 54-41-24 Account number: 54783119)

(iii) BACS - Please ensure your surname and pitch number is clearly shown in the reference box

3. Winter storage during the Close Season is optional for Seasonal Pitches. Winter storage must be reserved before 31st October 2023


(i) Electricity is NOT included in the Seasonal Pitch Fees

(ii) Every pitch has a digital meter which will be read once a year

(iii) Electric bills will be sent in October and payment is due within 10 calendar days


(i) A Seasonal Pitch is strictly for your use and your immediate family members only

(ii) Letting of your caravan is strictly prohibited

(iii) Use of your caravan is restricted to leisure use only

(iv) Using your caravan as a permanent residence is strictly prohibited


(i) Seasonal Pitches are non-transferable

(ii) If you sell your caravan, the caravan must leave the Park

(iii) We reserve the right to re-let your Seasonal Pitch should you permanently leave the Park during the Season

(iv) Seasonal Pitch Fees are non-refundable if you sell your caravan or leave the park at any time

7. No caravan may have a greater number of occupants than the specified number of berths

8. A full set of keys must be left in reception in case of an emergency


(i) New seasonal applications for continental caravans on our Seasonal Pitches will not be accepted

(ii) Maximum size of caravan permitted on our Seasonal Pitches is 8m/26ft (Shipping length).


(i) Two security barrier passes will be allocated to each Seasonal Pitch. Replacements for lost, damaged or defaced barrier passes are £10 each.

(ii) Barrier passes are strictly for your use only.


(i) All Seasonal Pitches must be kept clear between visits to enable pitch maintenance. This             includes but is not limited to wind breaks, water barrels, awning straps, dog ties, solar lights,             electric hook up cable etc.

(ii) Any items that cause an obstruction to the grass cutter or strimmer will be removed from the pitch and disposed of if uncollected.

(iii) Storage boxes must be kept within awnings. Where an awning has not been erected, storage boxes must be kept at the side of the caravan.

(iv) We will not be held responsible for damage caused to property that has been left on or near the pitch


(i) Super Pitches may only leave their awnings erected at their own risk.

(ii) It is your responsibility to secure your own awning at all times. We are not obliged to contact you if there is any damage to your awning.

(iii) Awnings must be removed during the close season.

13. Electric hook up and TV aerial cables and water pipes must be disconnected when the caravan is unattended.


(i) All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, and exercised off the Park

(ii) You are expected to clear up any dog foul immediately

(iii) Dogs are not allowed in the toilet blocks

(iv) Dogs must not be left unattended at any time

(v) A maximum of four dogs can stay in the caravan at any one time

(vi) We do not accept breeds or crossbreeds listed on the Dangerous Dogs Act (Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro and XL Bully)


(i) Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult to showers and toilets.

(ii) Children are not allowed to play at water standpipes or behind caravans.

(iii) Children must be supervised by a responsible adult on the play area at all times.

(iv) Ball games must not be played near or around the caravans.


(i) Motorcycles are not allowed on the Park at any time.

(ii) Motorised or electric scooters and quads are not permitted on the Park.

17. Please observe a 10mph speed limit on the Park at all times.

18. Please observe a quiet time at 11.00pm. Please consider others re. radio, TV etc.

19. We do not allow the following:

(i) Chinese lanterns (ii) Campfires (iii) Generators (iv) Chimneys (v) Log burners (vi) Satellite dishes

20. We reserve the right to refuse admission or remove from the Park any person or caravan:

(i) Who is or is likely to cause a nuisance.

(ii) In order to protect the site license.

(iii) If any destruction of our or any other person’s property occurs.

21. Anyone showing abusive and/or aggressive behavior towards staff members of the Park will be permanently removed.

22. You accept liability for any accidents to themselves, others and/or loss of, or damage to their property within the precincts of the Park.

23. It is a condition of entry to the Park that the caravan is fully insured for fire, theft, and third party liability.

24. Force Majeure: Lebberston Caravan Park Ltd are not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event they are prevented from fulfilling your Seasonal Pitch as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Such circumstances shall include (but not be limited to) forced closures, war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, global pandemics, health risks or such similar events ("Force Majeure").

25. Should these terms and conditions be breached We reserve the right to remove your caravan from the Park at your cost and any remaining Seasonal Pitch Fees will not be refunded.

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