Jasmine Caravan Store & Stay - Terms & Conditions

This page outlines our terms and conditions for store and stay at Jasmine Caravan Park

Conditions of Storage 

Applicable to all storage bookings on or after 10th May 2024

1. Caravan Usage

a) Jasmine Park offers a store and stay facility.  You are required to book the caravan onsite for a minimum of 10 nights during the current season (pro-rata) – choose from Jasmine Park, Lebberston Caravan Park, Robin Hood Caravan Park or Crows Nest Caravan Park. Number of nights stayed less than 10 during our open season (pro-rata) will be payable at the lowest nightly tariff and invoiced in November, or sooner if removing the caravan from storage.

b) When using Jasmine Caravan Park the caravan will be placed on the pitch. The caravan owner is responsible for readying the caravan for use.

c) When using another park in the Crows Nest Holidays group the caravan will be made ready to remove the caravan from the park.

2. Bookings

a) Caravan holiday bookings are charged at the standard tariff.

b) All standard booking conditions apply including cancellation policy, minimum night stays and payment terms. You can read these at www.crowsnestholidays.com.

c) Bookings made via a 3rd party website (not directly at www.crowsnestholidays.com), will be charged a £15.00 towing charge. This covers bringing the caravan out and returning it to the storage compound.

d) Customers with caravans in storage do not have priority over non-storage guests when making bookings.

3. Removing from Storage

a) Removal of the caravan from the storage facility for a booking within the Crows Nest Holiday group is free of charge.

b) Removal of the caravan for any other purpose including (but not limited to): cleaning, servicing, repair work, to use on a park not within the Crows Nest Holiday group or permanent removal from the storage facility (See Section 11), there is a £15.00 towing charge. This covers bringing the caravan out, and returning it to the storage compound. Access to the storage compound is not permitted.

c) A minimum of 48 hours must be given to take the caravan out of storage. If the caravan is coming out onto a pitch on site normal booking rules apply.

d) Payment of all charges incurred in the storage of the caravan must have been cleared before the caravan is removed from the storage area to leave the park.

e) If the caravan is coming out of storage to be used on another park outside of the Crows Nest Holidays group, the nightly storage fee applies to retain use of the storage facility. Storage payments must be up to date to remove from the park.

4. When Unoccupied

a) Awnings must be removed and stored, unplug electric supply, disconnect gas, wheel locks removed and pack up safely for towing into storage including winding the legs up. Hitch locks can be left on as security until the caravan has been moved by our team. Caravans must be left in a fit state to tow e.g. jockey wheels greased and nothing must be left outside the caravan.

b) Spare caravan keys, hitch lock and wheel clamp keys must be left at reception at all times.

5. Payments

a) Invoices will be sent at the end of each calendar month and must be paid within 14 days of the date on the invoice, or sooner if removing the caravan from storage.

b) Invoices can be paid by cash, cheque, debit/credit card (by phone) or debit/credit card (online payment). Payment of all charges incurred in the storage of the caravan must have been cleared before the caravan is removed from the storage area and the Park Owner retains a lien on the caravan for any unpaid accounts.

c) Your contract will start from the date your caravan arrives in storage. If that date falls outside of 14 days of booking a storage pitch, a non-refundable deposit of £100 will be required. The deposit will be used for storage fees until the credit has been used.

6. Accepted Units

a) We cannot accept continental caravans or caravans longer than 26ft shipping length.

b) We do not accept motorhome storage.

7. Winter Storage

a) Caravans are not accessible during Jasmine Caravan Park’s closed season.

8. Insurance

a) You must insure the caravan at your own expense against standard property damage, insurable perils and public liability. The sum insured for these liabilities must not be less than £2,000,000. A current copy of the insurance certificate must be available on request. Please check with your insurer that your caravan is covered when it is left unoccupied with us. We strongly advise you to remove all valuables.

b) The Caravan Owner shall not do or suffer or permit to be done any act or thing which shall or may render any increased or extra premiums payable for the Park Owner’s third-party insurance or which may make void or voidable any policy of such insurance.

c) To indemnify the Park Owner and keep the Park Owner indemnified from and against all actions, proceedings and claims by third parties in respect of any loss or damage or liability caused by or arising out of any wilful neglect or default of the Caravan Owner and any other person authorised by the Caravan Owner.

9. Liability

a) The Park Owner will take all reasonable precautions to protect the caravan from loss or damage while in storage but shall not be liable for loss or damage which occurs except as the result of a breach of an obligation on his part.

10. Responsibilities

a) The Caravan Owner will be responsible for properly securing the caravan as provided for by the manufacturer and to immobilise the caravan against theft by use of any or all proprietary anti-theft measures.

b) The Caravan Owner shall not use or permit the caravan to be used for human habitation or use any gas appliance in the caravan while the caravan is in storage.

c) No explosive or other flammable substance or material may remain in the caravan whilst the caravan is in storage, with the exception that up to a maximum of two gas cylinders of a proprietary brand and suitable for use with the caravan may be left, disconnected, inside the caravan over the storage period. Should any such substances or materials be discovered, they may be disposed of as the Park Owner feels fit, and the caravan owner shall not be entitled to any compensation resulting from this action.

d) The Park Owner will not permit the removal of the caravan from the storage area on the Park by anyone other than the Caravan Owner except on the prior written authority of the Owner to a person carrying such written authority, and bearing the original signature of the Caravan Owner.

11. Termination of Contract

a) 14 days written notice must be given to terminate your store & stay contract.

All of the terms and conditions of this agreement are SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY JASMINE CARAVAN PARK LTD UPON THIRTY (30) DAYS prior written notice to the Caravan Owner.

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