ABI Caravans

Holiday Home, Static Caravan or even just Caravan, whatever words you use to describe the one you want, make sure it's an ABI. Over the past 40 years ABI has continuously worked hard to improve the quality, comfort and style of the ABI range.

Employing 300 local people in the heart of Beverley

Creating Holiday Homes our customers love is one thing, but knowing that from our site in the heart of Beverley, East Yorkshire, we employ 300 local people is something we’re incredibly passionate about. We’re proud to be building a British product, supporting our industry and employing new apprentices and graduates to ensure we’re bringing new, fresh thinking into our business and passing on the skills and expertise of our talented craftspeople. It’s our lasting legacy.

We’re so proud of our Holiday Homes; we put our name to them

Every ABI Holiday Home comes with a personal charter signed by each of the team who have been involved in the design and build of your Holiday Home. So when you step inside your Holiday Home for the first time, you’ll find a signed charter which has the individual signatures of all of the people who painstakingly and meticulously created your Holiday Home.

So you can simply rest assured that your Holiday Home not only adheres to all of the industry standards you would expect, but also the very highest standards in the UK…our own.

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