2023 Swift Loire


SIZE: 32ft x 12ft YEAR: 2023 BERTH: 6 MFTR: Swift Holiday Homes LOCATION: Crows Nest Caravan Park

As vibrant, enjoyable, and practical as ever, the 2023 Loire collection features a revamped coast inspired interior.

Merging organic, rustic elements with contemporary opulence for an enhanced premium feel, this holiday home offers a spacious, laid-back atmosphere. The 2023 Swift Loire not only boasts exceptional value but also an eye-catching aesthetic. Its generous interior showcases a rejuvenating soft furnishings design and two spacious bedrooms – everything a family requires for a leisurely vacation.

The integrated living, dining, and kitchen space is stylish and welcoming, featuring an elegant soft furnishing design and warm oak woodgrain for a pleasant touch. Plush carpeting with underlay exudes sophistication and coziness, while the energy-efficient LED lighting throughout establishes a welcoming, eco-friendly ambiance.

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