Yorkshire Interesting Facts

We have found these little nuggets of information on Gods Own Country - Yorkshire. Take a minute to remember a few, you may need them some day.

  • The date for Easter was fixed at the first church synod, held at Whitby Abbey in 664. It also established the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church in England.
  • The UK’s first ever National Trail, the Pennine Way, runs through Yorkshire and continues all the way up to the Scottish Borders, totalling 268 miles long.
  • The Merlin, a small breed of falcon, is flourishing in the North York Moors National Park.
  • Yorkshire has nearly a third of the total area of National Parks in England (North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District) covering 1/5th of the regions land area.
  • The highest point on the east coast of England is at Boulby , near Staithes, where the cliffs reach over 2oo metres high.
  • In 1626 Scarborough was designated the first seaside resort after the discovery of a spring at the base of the cliffs with alleged health giving properties.
  • The Humber Bridge is the longest single-span suspension bridge in the UK, second longest in Europe, and the fifth longest in the world.
  • Ryedale is the location of many television and film locations. Heartbeat was filmed on the North Yorkshire Moors at Goathland. Castle Howard was the location for both the original TV series of Brideshead Revisited and the 2008 film of the same title.
  • 216 million visits to Yorkshire are made every year, equivalent to the total number of visitors to Walt Disney Theme Parks worldwide.
  • Flamborough Head has the largest underwater chalk reef in Europe, extending underwater for up to 6km out to sea.
  • The coastline of Yorkshire measures 45 miles long.
  • Yorkshire could accommodate the population of France in its 4,868 hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and caravan parks over the course of a year.
  • Yorkshire Day is held on 1 August every year to celebrate Yorkshire’s unique culture and dialect.
  • Guy Fawkes famously caught with gunpowder under the House of Commons was born in York.
  • The UK’s biggest recorded earthquake was at Dogger Bank earthquake in 1931, measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale. Widespread damage occurred on the Eastern coast near Filey. The earthquake was felt down south and even caused Dr Crippen’s head to fall off at Madame Tusaud’s.
  • Sheffield has the highest ratio of trees to people in Europe.
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