Visit Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle boasts historic artefacts from different eras over its 3,000 years. The former medieval fortress sits on the rocky headland overlooking the North Sea and the seaside town of Scarborough.

Scarborough castle is an iconic feature of Scarborough- it was built during the 12th century during the reign of King Stephen by the Earl of Albemarle and Holderness, William Le Gros. Over the centuries the buildings were extended and improved by monarchs in response to military and defence requirements.

The location of Scarborough Castle was carefully chosen to ensure its occupants could see for miles as Scarborough was seen as an important station for guarding the Yorkshire coastline. Scarborough castle only twice suffered excessive damage resulting in its now ruin state. Scarborough Castle was first bombarded by prolonged cannon fire during the English Civil War. Many of the remaining structures were then destroyed during 1914 when German battle cruisers attacked Scarborough town.

Scarborough Castle is now a site of historic importance but also a tourist attraction of Scarborough and surrounding areas within North Yorkshire. Not only do the castle grounds offer a spectacular view over Scarborough town and harbour it has many offerings to satisfy historic interest. Visitors can pay a small fee (Adult £5, Child £3, Concession £4.50, Family £13) to venture within the Scarborough Castle grounds and discover it’s history- unfortunately nothing remains of the once intimidating fore building however remains indicate it’s once mighty size of around 40ft. There is an exhibition in the Master Gunner’s House where you can explore objects dating from the Bronze Age to the present day. When visiting Scarborough Castle you can climb the steep causeway to the castle’s core to gaze up at the ruptured Keep built by Henry II after he destroying the original gate in the second half of the 12th century. The Keep at Scarborough Castle is seen as a medieval symbol of power and the destructive force of civil war. Scarborough Castle also has a gift shop and grounds suitable for spreading a picnic in the sunshine. The perfect day out to enjoy spectacular views whilst being educated!

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