Top Camping Essentials Not To Forget

Take a look at our list of top things to check you've got with you before setting off!

It's easy to set off for your weekend camping holiday in a hurry, only to find you've forgotten at least one important item a few miles down the road. Most of the time it's just something small, but occasionally our campers do arrive with us only to discover something major is not with them! This can easily ruin your holiday before it's even begun. Take a look at our list of top things to check you've got before setting off!

1. Your tent poles

Check your tent bag before setting off! It’s surprisingly common for guests to arrive with us only to discover their tent poles were not in the bag. This means they can either buy more from a local store or unhappily are forced to go home! Please check you have yours before leaving for a 2-3 hour journey for your weekend camping holiday to avoid a holiday disaster.

2. Check the weather

Unfortunately for us the English weather can be unpredictable and has put a damper on many unprepared campers’ holidays in the past. Sunshine and heat is something we cannot guarantee so be sure to check the forecast before setting off and if it’s planning rain, come prepared. It’s not impossible to camp in wet weather or windy weather, it’s actually very doable; we’ve had customers successfully tenting with us through the Beast from the East of 2018! Just ensure you bring suitable equipment - strong pegs, windbreaks, and your raincoats! Check out our Top Tips for Camping in Windy Conditions blog page for advice. Once your tent is up, the rest is easy, so relax and enjoy your holiday. We’ve also got tons of attractions and places to recommend for wet weather, pop into reception for ideas.

3. The BBQ (and utensils)

Barbecuing is a must when camping! Our on site supermarket sells sausages, bacon, burgers and so much more ready for you to cook and enjoy. (It also sells disposable barbecues if you do happen to forget yours!) Please ensure you don’t bring fire pits - we don’t allow them on Crows Nest.

4. Your swimming kit

We’re less than a mile to the nearest sandy beach and you cannot beat a relaxing day by the sea - just don’t forget your swimsuit! Be sure to pack buckets and towels too - but if you do forget these, our supermarket sells a wide range of designs. For directions to Cayton Bay, stop by reception and we can tell you how to get there either on foot or by car. Even if the weather is a bit cold, we have our own heated indoor swimming pool on site perfect for enjoying a dip on rainy days. It costs just £2.00 per day or £10.00 for the week per person for unlimited use during that period.

5. Cables & hook-up leads

Yes, we have had our fair share of guests arrive in the past without their electric hook-up cable, or hose pipe, or connector. Luckily we do have a limited cable available to hire from reception but this is not guaranteed and you may have to head to a nearby camping shop to pick up any forgotten supplies. Our touring pitches have water, waste, TV and electric hook-up on the pitch, so be sure to bring what you need to enjoy these super pitches to the fullest extent. Also, be sure to check for any faults - broken cables can leave you without that all important electric hook-up.

6. Lighting!

Be sure to pack enough torches and lights for nighttime - camping outdoors can get very dark and without a torch, the walk to the loo at 2am could be hazardous. Ensure you bring enough torches for everyone, whether this be for the walk to the toilet block or because you need to set up your tent in the dark. Traffic can be unreliable in any area of the country, so late arrivals may find themselves pitching up after dark.

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