Top 5 Reasons To Surf In Scarborough

Whether you are looking to start surfing or are already a capable surfer who is looking to explore a brand new part of the UK to test out your skills, why not consider Scarborough?

For many surfers, the sport is often considered to be so much more than that and even becomes a lifestyle that lends its influence into other areas of surfer’s lives. Surfing is so accessible to people in the fact that there are no winning or losing teams and you do essentially rely on yourself when it comes to performing on the water. The sport also offers up a fantastic opportunity to escape the hum-drum of everyday life and be part of something bigger than yourself in the ocean and remove yourself from worries and anxieties that you may otherwise experience on land!

1. There are lots of Surf Schools

Making the most of surfing in Scarborough is easy when the area offers some fantastic surf schools to help you perfect your technique and learn some new tricks. The surf schools in Scarborough offer Coasteering and Paddle Boarding too, which means you can try your hand at something new alongside surfing! They also allow you to hire all the relevant equipment (boards, wetsuits etc.) so you can leave your surfboard at home and travel light! If you would prefer to bring your own wetsuits for the occasion, then why not find your ideal one at the Wetsuit Centre? They offer an extensive range of wetsuits that are perfect for both the summer and winter seasons so that you can ride the waves at any time of the year!

2. You can Plan an Event

If you are looking for a place in the UK to host an event- for example a group or work trip in the summer – then Scarborough will be able to cater to your needs through surfing. Many of the surf schools in the area are able to cater to larger party sizes and provide event packages that are sure to add a special touch to accompany your other planned activities.

3. Great Beaches

In Scarborough you will find that the area is separated into two bays- the north and the south. Each gives you the chance to try your hand at different waves and allows you to mix and match your surfing experienced based on your preferences.

4. Everyone is Welcome

The fantastic thing about surfing in Scarborough or anywhere else in the world is that you are never too old to give it a go. Instructors of the sport have said that they teach people to surf from the tender age of 5, all the way up to those that are in their 60’s!

5. There is lots to do in the Area 

When you’re done surfing and are seeking a place to rest your tired muscles (remember that surfing is an all-over body workout!), then rest assured that you will be impressed with the range of other things that you can see and do in the area. From museums and castles to boutique shopping and high quality restaurants, you will always be well looked after in Scarborough.

Surfers are always welcome at Crows Nest Caravan Park.

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