Lunchtime Escape

If you have read our 2015 blog you may know that Tuesday lunchtime is one of the only times we manage a couple of hours off. Knowing the park is in the safe hands of our wardens, Dave & Judy, we visit local pubs so we know where to recommend to guests.

This week we travelled to the other side of the A64 to The Blacksmith's Arms in Westow. We've lived here for almost 17 years and I'm ashamed to say that its somewhere very new to us - and we've certainly missed out.

The drive across was beautiful - windy roads in picturesque countryside. We passed Kirkham Abbey and saw some great places to walk. The drive was approx 20 minutes from the park.

Although, at first, we thought the pub was closed as we weren't sure which doors were open, we were welcomed really warmly. The staff were lovely and the food was delicious. The pub was really comfortable with a cosy atmosphere and I would, happily, recommend it to others.

Please let us know if there are any pubs that you think we should visit - looking for a maximum 20 minute drive away as we do have to come back to work in the afternoon :-)


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