Our Guide to Safe Camping

Camping is fun and rarely considered a dangerous pastime - however there are hazards to be aware of. Follow these simple guidelines and keep your family safe on your camping holiday at Crows Nest Caravan Park.

Carbon Monoxide

There have been a number of tragic camping related deaths in the last few years from carbon monoxide poisoning. This is one of the biggest hazards to those who do not fully appreciate the dangers of an almost extinguished bbq.

Top Tips

NEVER take a smouldering bbq into a tent. Even a cooling bbq can give off enough Carbon Monoxide to be fatal.

NEVER use a fuel-burning device to heat your tent. Gas heaters should only be used outdoors - if you think you'll need to heat your tent. get an electric hook up.

DON'T cook inside your tent - unless there is plenty of ventilation.

DON'T rely on a Carbon Monoxide detector to keep you safe.

BE AWARE of the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting.


Unsurprisingly after Carbon Monoxide posioning fire is one of the biggest risks, which is why we do not allow campfires at Crows Nest. Look out for the nearest fire hose when choosing you camping pitch.

Planning an escape route is key, and for this reason some campers take a torch and a sharp knife with them to aid escape if the worst should happen. Obviously the sharp knife must be kept in a safe place away from little hands, but teaching children a basic evacuation to ensure a safe exit in an emergency can be a useful exercise.

All bbq's should be dampened down to ensure they are fully extinguished before going to bed. NEVER place warm ashes in a bin, we have had many fires from this type of behaviour.

Please never let off Chinese Lanterns on the park, in 2012 we had an incident which led to a fire on the cliff top.


Camping safety should start with equipment that is fit for purpose, reliable and checked before your trip. Packing the car safely is also important, avoid overpacking and blocking windows, make sure all items are securely in place.

The Kids

Part of the joy of camping for children and parents is the extending of your usual boundaries. But you do need to lay down the rules - from warning children not to wander out of sight, to identifying specific danges such as the cliff top and moving cars.

Parents naturally worry about children wandering off or getting lost - especially at night on loo trips. We recommend that children are accompanied to the toilet blocks at all times. Although not specialised camping equipment, simple tactics such as a cat bell on the tent zip or zipping tents at the top than the bottom can alert you to wandering children in the night.

Padlocking yourself in should never be an option for fire safety reasons.

Gas & Electricity

As well as being a fire risk, gas is obviously a hazard in itself. Gas canisters should be stores and changed outside of the tent, turn off your appliances when not in use.

Campers should turn off electric appliances when not in use, except thouse designed to run constanlty such as a fridge.


Although not a major danger in itself, combined with a badly positioned bbq, a protruding guy rope can become more than a stumbling hazard. Replacing guy ropes with fluorescent versions or using solar lights will help save tripping hazards from occurring.

Camping is all about getting away from it all, but its easy to forget the safety ground rules.

Follow our advice and you will have a safe and happy camping holiday.

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