Hickorys Road House

We were fortunate to be invited to a pre-opening meal at the new Hickorys Road House restaurant in Scarborough, we thoroughly enjoyed it and it would make an ideal dining out option during your holiday.

The Food

Hickorys Road House serves classic authentic American food, dishes that you will have most certainly heard about but perhaps never tried. Sloppy Joes, Philly cheese steaks, chilli dogs anybody? Of course there is also the food that we are more than used to including a fabulous range of burgers, ribs and dogs (hot not woof variety). Prices are very reasonable for the portion sizes and for such a tourist area, prices range from a Classic Burger which will set you back £7.50 and the Surf and Turf at £15.95. The Daily Specials menu offers more expensive dishes including the Sirloin steak topped with mushrooms, bacon and cheese which one of our party had, and I have been reliably informed it was delicious.

The Challenges

Inspired by TVs Man vs Food, Hickorys Road House offers some enormous challenges… but you need an enormous appetite to stand a chance. Believe me I tried, and failed miserably. I expected a gigantic portion but was pleasantly surprised that the food was still of a very high quality. The nacho challenge involved a large tray of nachos, salsa, sour cream, cheese and meat… lots of it. The chilli on top gave a glimmer of hope that the epic size could be managed, but once through that layer you hit the pulled pork which beat me in to submission.

The Lawrence Light Lunch – the famous 6lb burger challenge consisting of a 2lb homemade prime beef burger (100% beef, 0% horse), 1lb bread roll for a local bakery, 2lb fries and 1 lb of beer battered onion rings.

Man V Dog – two whopping 2ft long chilli dogs.

Pancake Problem – fluffy American buttermilk pancakes topped off with fruit, ice cream and vanilla syrup. Sound easy? There is 4lb of it to eat.

Slidergeddon – 12 ‘mini’ slider burgers. 4 pulled pork, 4 sloppy joes, 4 cheese burgers, 1lb fries, 1lb milkshake. 40 minutes time limit.

Macho Nacho Sombrero Challenge – Don your sombrero and fake moustache and munch through 4lbs worth of nachos, pulled pork, chilli, cheese salsa and sour cream. Arriba!! 45 minutes time limit.

Ribbin ‘Ell Heat Challenge – Can you take on 7.5 million scovilles? 1 rack of ribs in under 4 minutes. Health and safety rules apply. How hard can it be??

The Restaurant

The restaurant is very obviously American themed, following the tradition of the local diner seen in the likes of Grease and Happy Days. It is open and gives lots of space without feeling cramped or close to your dining neighbours. As the restaurant had not opened there were a few obvious teething issues which can be expected in any business, I’d suggest moving the smoke alarm a bit further from the kitchen as it went off a few times with the standard ironic cheers from the full restaurant. It was also very warm, granted there was a heat wave outside, but whilst the restaurant was full it was a little uncomfortable. I’m sure these issues will be ironed out and the restaurant will go from strength to strength as it is a new gem in the Scarborough dining crown.

The Verdict

Hickorys Road House Rocks!! We thoroughly enjoyed our evening. The food was superb, the staff were friendly throughout and I would recommend Hickorys to anybody looking for an authentic American restaurant. A romantic restaurant it is not, but it is ideal for a casual family meal or a fun evening out with friends. Or if you simply fancy a burger as big as your head!!

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Telephone: 01723 377290

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