Rainy Day Ideas

Whilst we all hope that our holidays will be filled with sunshine, the Great British weather can often lead to a change of plans. Here are a few suggestions if the weather isn't quite as you'd hoped during your stay:

Crazy Golf? Ten Pin Bowling? Cinema? Shopping? Climbing Wall?

Don't worry if you can't choose because, on the outskirts of York, you can do them all!

Close to Vanguard in York, as part of the new community stadium complex, you will find:


With three exciting courses, each with a variety of obstacles to make your way around, this indoor mini golf is great all-round fun for all members of the family.


Whilst we would always advise you vist our local, independent cinema before trying some of the multiplexes in York, this new cinema complex offers 4DX, Imax, Superscreen and VIP screenings of all the latest releases and it's proximity to the Vanguard shopping centre, makes it an ideal option for rainy day fun.

Hollywood Bowl

In the same building as PuttStars, Hollywood Bowl offers 24 lanes of bowling including VIP lanes. And watch out for seasonal changes on the scoreboard screens. What creature will pop up when you score a strike around Halloween?

York Leisure Centre: Clip 'n Climb

The new Clip 'n Climb centre offers a number of colourful and adventurous climbing fun for all members of the family. Appealing to all members of the family, who will make it to the summit first? 

We have tried all the attractions listed so please feel free to ask us and questions. And if you want to try them, visit their website and get yourselves booked in. 


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