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Over the course of history, there have been a multitude of variations to the standard model of caravans and their functionality and affordability. It’s amazing to think that the very first recreational trailers were created 130 years ago now! Since then,

One particular caravan that’s caught our eye recently is the German Sealander Schwimmcaravan. Never again will you feel limited in your choice of camping holiday, as this incredible trailer can travel across both land and water!

How does it work?

A comparable amphibious vehicle called the Thansadet drew attention when its design proposal came out in 2010, however the model has not been made a reality since then. This means that the multi-functional Sealander caravan is the only one to explore these waters with success!

This contemporary caravan uses a very light-weight and waterproof fiberglass material. The little electric motor (5hp) guarantees that you can easily negotiate bays and small lakes. It also uses LED lights so that you won’t be in for a nasty shock…

Warning: don’t try to travel across the Atlantic just yet – the vehicle was only built for shallow waters!

The Sealander’s motor is doubly convenient as it can be used as a source of energy for all your on-board devices – great if you’re planning on staying awhile! If you don’t quite take to water well yourself, don’t worry as the caravan’s shell of fiberglass reinforced plastic has a double bottom to safeguard you from leaks and sinking. That’s a relief since some of the lakes in the Lake District are renowned for being extremely deep…

What’s the design?

This wonderful trailer was conceived by German-based industrial designer Daniel Straub, and it was first built in Germany in 2012 using hi-tech construction techniques. The luxurious Sealander may also be fully personalised to live up to your tastes and requirements, with a variety of modules, materials and colours on offer!

All Sealander caravans have the fundamental cooler, heater and cooking-washing utilities. The table and benches can be altered to change the deck area or layout. Six people can fit comfortably on the seats, which can even be transformed into a double bed or bunk bed!

This is truly a great caravan for a family vacation or a trip with friends in Yorkshire. If the skies are kind then you can even remove the roof and revel in the sunshine or sight of the stars.

The mobile home is fairly small in size, at 12.8 x 5.25ft with an inner space of 5.1 x 6.56ft. This is much smaller in comparison to a lot of older models, such as the reputable caravan ‘The Wanderer’. This mid-1880s leisure vehicle was actually pronounced a ‘land yacht’ as it measured 30ft in length and was even large enough to fit a piano and other household furniture inside!

What do you think about caravan sizes? Are smaller ones more convenient or is bigger better?

There have been a lot of variations in caravans since the first model: The Wanderer (pictured above). Source: Andrew Jenkins.

Should I get one?

While the Sealander is a cool cross-breed between a caravan and a boat, it is not necessary to own a special license to operate it on water. What may make your heart sink a little however is the substantial price; the caravan currently costs around EUR 15,000.

For the same amount of money you could even build your own mini home or buy an individual caravan and boat without worrying about drowning in debt! You can have a look at other more common and affordable trailer models throughout history in this infographic from Salop Leisure. For example, the late-90s Elddis Genesis caravan can be bought for under £3,000 at the moment.

Even though the Sealander comes with a hefty price tag, you could say that the caravan is worth it due to the unmatched practicalities, possibilities and wow factor that it grants. If you feel like this is the caravan to share your Yorkshire camping experiences with, then you’ll pleased to discover that it should be ready to buy now or else very soon!

What do you think about this amphibious caravan concept? Would you like to add the Sealander to your wish list or would you prefer to stick to the more traditional caravan models?

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