Littlemiss10 answers your questions!

Customers always say to us that our kids have a great life growing up on a holiday park but have they? We’ve asked littlemiss10 your questions:

What is the best thing about living on a holiday park?

Meeting friends. I’ve made some great friends on the site – some people come every weekend, some just come for a week at a time but we keep in touch.

We get to stay in caravans when guests aren’t in them – its lots of fun and I’ve often had school friends over for caravan sleepovers. It is like having a little holiday.

We can see our Mum and Dad whenever we want because they work at home. Sometimes we help them which is lots of fun.

We often get to try out local attractions so we can tell our guests whether we like them or not.

Are there any disadvantages to living on a holiday park?

Mummy was once late picking us up from school because she was busy checking people in.

We have to pause movies in the middle of them when guests need Mummy and Daddy on an evening.

I don’t like it when I can hear children outside playing whilst I’m supposed to be getting to sleep. They are on their holidays so can stay up late but I live here and have school the next day so I have to go to bed at the proper time.

If you were to make one change at Robin Hood Caravan Park what would it be and why?

I would like to get some archery boards set up. We are called the Robin Hood Caravan Park so should have our own bows and arrows.

I think we should have a Robin Hood’s Got Talent night as well. I can be the judge.

What would you like to do when you grow up?

I don’t know – I’m only 10! I can help out here whilst I decide. I also want to learn to drive a digger then I can help out Grandpa with the digger work in the winter.

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