Dining Out at The Farrier - A Review

The Farrier is a new fine dining experience in the village of Cayton, near Scarborough. Have a read on to see what we thought of a visit to this newly opened and freshly remodelled restaurant.

I was delighted to visit the new gastro pub in Cayton village recently with the other half for a meal. It is rare that we have an offer of a babysitter so when the opportunity arised, we quickly made a call to The Farrier and booked a table for 2.

As the restaurant is new and there is a lot of local hype around it, getting a reservation can be difficult, so definitely best to call a few days in advance to guarantee a table. I was looking forward to seeing if the place lived up to it’s quickly growing reputation.

We arrived into the small carpark and made our way into the entrance at the back of the pub. As we walked in we were greeted by some amazing décor.  It’s all equestrian themed and done to an amazing standard. Classy, rather than tacky which is so easy to do when a pub is themed.

Our jackets were taken and placed in the ‘tack room’ and we were provided with a very cute Rider No. tag to give in to return our jackets when we leave. As we walked into the bar, it had a lovely cosy atmosphere, with a fabulous roaring gas fire that emitted heat like you wouldn’t believe.  The temptation just to curl up on the sofa in front of it and kick off your shoes with a drink was a big draw.

We were seated in the ‘dog friendly’ area of the restaurant. This was the only available table when we called a couple of days beforehand. As we have a dog at home, we didn’t mind at all. There were no dogs anyway. That part of the restaurant was very well lit, in contrast to the cosy bar area. I suppose it is nice to see what you are eating. We were seated at a small table for 2.

We ordered a lovely bottle of wine from a decent wine list which arrived promptly and in an ornate ice bucket. We were also served a variety of bread from a top hat which was novel. The mini baguettes, olive bread and ciabatta were all very nice.

We ordered our food from a menu that offered a good variety and felt spoilt for choice. The prices are on the high end for the area but we were hoping it would be worth it. I chose the cheese souffle to start and it was light and delicious. Nick chose cod cheeks scampi. He enjoyed it but I think I won that round.

Our mains arrived and we had definitely chosen well. I had opted for the black treacle beef brisket with cauliflower cheese puree. Nick chose the pork belly with some super crackling. Both dishes were accompanied with a chorine vegetables.  The presentation of the food was very appealing and we couldn’t wait to dive in when they arrived.    The portion sizes were sufficient and the brisket was tender and the addition of the sweetness of the treacle was surprising but perfect. Nick demolished his pork belly and we were both satisfied.

Although feeling full, we couldn’t resist trying the desserts. For us it was very easy to choose as there were some standout puddings that appealed to us. I love all things salted caramel so I was delighted to see a salted caramel fondant with caramel shards, caramel banana and ice cream on the menu. It did not disappoint… I was in salted caramel heaven and although I was full, I couldn’t leave any of it.  Nick always enjoys a lemon cheesecake and that is what he chose. It was a lemon cheesecake, lemon tart ice cream and meringue. He thoroughly enjoyed it too. Although all of the food was delicious, it was the desserts that won it for us.

At the end of the meal we were very happy and satisfied. We retreated to the bar area and sat by the fire and I ordered a gin cocktail from the extensive cocktail menu. As Nick was driving he ordered a coffee from the coffee menu. It was the perfect way to end a lovely meal.

We really enjoyed our visit to The Farrier, it is a wonderful addition to the village and it is definitely an added bonus with it being 2 minutes down the road from Crows Nest Caravan Park and Lebberston Caravan Park.

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