Don't forget to look up.......

During your stay with us, we challenge you to simply lie down in the tent field, look up at the stars and tell us what you see............

Beki has recently taken part in a Dark Skies workshop run by the North York Moors National Park and what an eye-opener it has been.

Did you know that 3 places in particular are recognised as special sites in the National Park:

National Park Centres at Sutton Bank and Danby and Dalby Observatories in Dalby Forest have been named as Dark Sky Discovery Sites (Milky Way class) – so named because the galaxy is often visible to the naked eye from the sites.

Other places in the National Park are also recognised as great places for stargazing, including Yorkshire Arboretum and Rievaulx Terrace where the National Trust sometimes hosts night walks and stargazing events.

But, if you don't want to go too far on an evening, simply leave your caravan or your tent and look up at the skies. With low levels of light pollution its fascinating what can be seen above. Ask in reception for stargazing booklets, borrow our binoculars or simply ask for red tape for your torches.


Ask your kids what they can see? We know there are official names for constellations but, as the saying goes, kids can say the funniest things - find out what shapes they can make out from the stars.

Thank you to Classlane Media_NYMNP for allowing us to use their photo - Star trails about Dalby Forest

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