Covid19: How to Have an Indoor Camping Experience With Your Kids

Keeping your kids active during the coronavirus pandemic is a tough task, but you can still bring the outdoors activities into the house and have an enjoyable time with your kids.

Although the circumstances are not ideal, this is a perfect time to bond with your children and spend some quality time as a family.

Camping may seem practically an impossible task at the moment, but with a bit of creativity, you can recreate a wonderful indoor camping experience that your kids will adore. Here is how.

Make the perfect tent

This requires a lot of building materials that you have scattered around the house. Anything can be a good ingredient. This may also require moving the furniture a bit, but with your kids’ helping hands, nothing will be so hard.

After you have all built as many tents as you could, the next step is to make it a second home. Stuff them with toys, or even better, safeguard them with some cool toys for boys, and decide who’s tent has the most durable guards. The ideas are endless, and you would be surprised at how many of them your kids can generate within seconds.

Watch for the animals or beasts

To make the game even more interesting, add a bit of spice to it. Kids love imaginary creatures, so make sure to add wild animals or even fantasy creatures in your game. Are there tigers around? Or friendly elephants? Maybe there are dinosaurs!

Use little details like that to create an interesting situation. Maybe the quest would be to defeat the dragon or to escape from hyenas, or to take care of birds. Bring back a child within you and ask yourself what you would love to do now. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad idea. Accept all ideas; your kids may be eager to think of millions of other plans, creatures, or stories to add to your game.

Make proper camping food

If you want to have a real camping trip, then you have to eat real camping food. Prepare some sandwiches and snacks for a good dinner and a swift breakfast. You can even make indoor S’Mores without risking to burn the house down.

What you need is a couple of big candles, marshmallows, crackers, chocolate, and chopsticks or forks to prepare the S’mores on. After you put the marshmallows on the stick, roast them above the candle and rotate them until they are cooked.

Add more activities

Apart from fighting imaginary creatures, you can add more exciting activities that will keep the indoor camping similar to the outdoor fun. For example, each of the participants should tell a story, even a scary story, if your kids are not too small for them. Or you can have a camping board game night.

If you want to have a real indoor experience, you can even watch a movie or a cartoon (maybe even a nature documentary).

Or, better yet, have a shadow puppet show. This is a guaranteed success because your kids will probably be mesmerized by the movement of the shadows.

The fun does not have to stop after the night ends. You can recreate the stars by hanging up the Christmas lights and sleep under the stars. Spend the night in your tents, and wake up to a real camper morning with breakfast and hot chocolate. The indoor camping trip can last as long as you want.

If your kids really miss their friends, you can arrange an online video chat, so they can even have a great camping experience with their best friends.

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