Bilsdale Mast Fire - Continued Outage

Sadly, the TV reception outage is completely out of hands but we continue to provide guests with the latest information when it becomes available to us:

Temporary transmitters are unfortunately unable to reach all the areas served by the larger Bilsdale transmitter, as broadcast signals rely on line-of-sight between the transmitter and your aerial. This is why transmitters such as the one at Bilsdale need to be so tall, and why they are located where they are – to reach as many homes as possible.

The only way to truly replicate the service from Bilsdale is to erect something similar near to the original site, which has been difficult given the nature of the incident. A temporary transmitter at the same site should reinstate TV coverage for the vast majority of households who normally receive signals directly from Bilsdale.

The job of locating transmission equipment involves complex work to assess coverage areas, ensuring line of sight while avoiding interfering with other transmissions, and also taking into account the environment in which they are located.

The transmitter operating company, Arqiva, plans to erect a temporary transmitter at Bilsdale which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, meaning it has to seek agreement to do this.

Once Arqiva has secured the necessary agreements, it will be able to complete the build in a matter of weeks. We will keep all our viewers updated with the latest news and developments on this.

We advise all viewers who are struggling to pick up a signal on their TV to try an automatic retune (even if this has happened recently):

You may receive some channels from the new transmitter at Sutton Bank. If you haven’t retuned since the fire, you may see some channels restored automatically. If you don’t see any channels, please try an automatic retune.

If you retuned before 7th September and you have intermittent reception, we recommend you carry out another automatic retune as the signal from Sutton Bank may well be stronger.

If an automatic retune does not restore any channels unfortunately it is unlikely that you will be able to receive a signal until further transmitter work is completed.


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