Best Beaches on the Yorkshire Coast

Although the Yorkshire Coast has a great deal to offer in terms of attractions and things to do, it is the area’s beaches that are considered to be one of its most popular attractions.

Whether you are looking to pay Scarborough a visit with your friends or are looking for a peaceful and activity-packed family getaway, Scarborough and the surrounding area has something offer for you. With beaches this beautiful, you can easily find yourself feeling like you are in Ibiza or any other European island (just without the expensive flights and need to apply for an EHIC card!). So, why not pick your ideal beach setting from our list and arrange a visit to the Yorkshire Coast this summer?

Scarborough South Bay

For kids and adults alike, Scarborough South Bay has plenty of amusements to stay occupied. There is an amusement park, arcade games and little kiosks ready for you to make the most of a traditionally British seaside experience. Here you can also enjoy a game of bowling or even take a boat ride around the bay.... and it doesn't get more traditional than a ride on a Scarborough Donkey.

Filey Beach

Filey beach makes for a fantastic visit, being a mere 2 miles from Crows Nest and extending to 5 miles in length, if you are a fan of long walks then Filey beach is perfect for you! The beach also offers great amenities for kids as it has a small mini golf course and paddling pool to ensure your little ones have a great time. Alongside this, the beach also has some lovely little food stalls and glorious views of Filey Brigg – what’s not to love?

Sandsend Beach

Found a short drive away from Scarborough to the north, Sandsend Beach is perfect for those looking to have a fun time at the seaside but on a shoestring budget. Along the way you can also stop off at Whitby and have some traditional fish and chips!

Robin Hoods Bay

Robin Hoods Bay is another perfect beach for lovers of beach walks and is ideal for those who want to bring their kids and pets on holiday as there is plenty of space to enjoy. Even if you are simply passing through the area, Robin Hoods Bay offers beautiful views that are well worth the trip!

Staithes Beach

The long and steep walk towards Staithes Beach is well worth the adventures that this lovely sandy beach will bring. The views on offer from this beach are also charming and best to be experienced when you do not have to carry a bunch of beach equipment with you! Staithes also has rocky areas that make for a fun adventure when it comes to looking for fossils and other wildlife.

While we have only touched the surface when it comes to the incredible beaches that Scarborough and the Yorkshire Coast have on offer, the aforementioned bays do offer a fantastic introduction to some of the best and most popular ones. Each of these beaches make for a fun seaside trip regardless of the time of year or weather, so why not check them out in different seasons to really get a feel for the land? One thing is for sure, Scarborough and the Yorkshire Coast makes for a fun trip and memorable experiences no matter what! 

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